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Exercise classes zu Algorithmen der Numerischen Mathematik


26.07.2023The reuslts of the first exam can be found below. Please note all the information from the email.
03.05.2023There will be no lecture on Wednesday 10.05.2023.
16.04.2023The website will be translated to english soon.
05.04.2023Please register to the URM system!
09.02.2023The website is online.

Important Links

Results exams


Schein allocation

Registration for exam

Lecture notes

Here you can find some old lecture notes (in german)

Exercise sheets

Here you can find the exercise sheets every Wednesday:

Exercise classes

Porgramming exercises

Schein allocation/Exam prerequisites

Exam / Second exam

Contact person: Dominik Sulz. If you have any questions, just come by my office or write me an email!


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