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Übungen zu Numerik instationärer Differentialgleichungen (Prof. Lubich, SS 2018)


13.07. The last tuturial is Friday, 20th July.
14.06. There is no tutorial on Friday, 15th.
12.06. I slightly changed the values for the grid and time step size in the programming exercise. You find the corrected version below. Feel free to try different parameters!
24.04. A hint is added for the programming exercise.
24.04. Contrary to the previous version of the first sheet, the programming exercise needs to be handed in by May 4th, noon.
29.03. Anmeldung zum Übungsbetrieb Bitte melden Sie sich im URM für die Übung an.


  • Sheet 0
  • Sheet 1
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  • Sheet 4
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  • Sheet 6 and PA3
  • Sheet 7
  • Sheet 8
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  • Sheet 10
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